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The right books and learning material will help your child on the right road to learning. At Creative, we take pride in offering students a thrilling experience of learning and gaining knowledge. We have developed a curriculum to ensure the kids become engaged in learning until they reach the last page. Such informative books will help them become hooked on learning and broaden their knowledge horizon.

Curriculum Books

Our proficient and skilled in-house group has planned and designed these books for youngsters to become attracted to them. It also empowers them as they can improve their learning experience with interesting pictures and content. These books offer a ton of fun and they will learn the important concepts of life with ease. The books are enthralling with informative content and beautiful pictures to ensure it is easy to follow them.

Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs)

At Creative, teachers make use of highly effective and innovative Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) to teach their lesson effectively. The use of various TLMs help students to develop a better interpretation, visualization and appreciation of the concepts, contents as well as the subject matter.

Benefits of using innovative TLMs

  • It helps the students to proceed towards better and effective learning.
  • It helps develop interest and enhance the imagination and thinking power of students.
  • TLMs enable the students to remember longer, learn faster and gain more accurate information.

Teachers at Creative use highly innovative TLMs like working models, 2-D and 3-D models, teaching through explainer animated videos and a lot more. This way they use the latest technology for teaching the students in a much effective way.

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