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Sports Activities

We at Creative give equal importance to sports to ensure good physical and mental strength in our students. We encourage our students to take part in a wide range of physical activities on a daily basis. Creative has made it a major part of the school curriculum for making sure our students can reach greater heights.

We encourage our students to participate in school sports events to boost their mental alertness, self-esteem, and body and mind coordination. Such activities will help your child learn various skills such as to be patient, leadership qualities, team efforts, and necessary social skills for a brighter future. Your child will become a brighter and energetic individual who can become a great asset to the world.

Offering an exercise routine will urge your child to take part in various sports events. The events planned with adaptability will interest the students. We offer different games that will keep the body and mind of your child fit like a fiddle. We conduct drills to help them understand their abilities and exhibit them to their best.  The daily sports activities included in the curriculum will enhance the fitness levels of the students and help them ward off any issues cropping due to the current lifestyle.

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