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The Creative Public School is committed to providing its students a stimulating environment to learn and grow, with the understanding of ‘Sanskars’. With discipline as the soul of this school, the Creative is focused on nurturing children to achieve their full potential and inculcating lifelong learning for cognitive development.


To have a holistic approach towards a child’s overall personality development is Creative’s prime mission.

  • Child Centric Environment

A child centric environment is crucial for young individuals to grow and fly high. With early literacy being a primary goal, the institution’s focus on child’s development and learning is unwavering.

  • Quality Education

As a leading educational institution, the CPS is strongly committed to delivering quality education with a wholesome culmination of both intellectual and creative aspects.

  • Safe and protective environment

A protected and safe environment for a student means everything. As an institution, children’s safety is taken very seriously at CPS. With personalised attention to every child, it is ensured that each and every student gets the much-needed care within the school.

  • Sanskar and discipline

Lifelong learning which includes building morals, practice and habits which build the traits of a responsible citizen is the Creative’s motto. Creative Public School nurtures students to be independent and encourages cooperation, socializing and leadership such that they turn out to be better human beings tomorrow.

As the leading school in terms of discipline, academics, extra curriculars, events and activities, all the programs are built to fit every student who walks through the doors of Creative Public School. Being a pioneer in the educational sector, students are provided with state of the art infrastructure to encourage learning in a holistic manner.

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