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“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King

It is an immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Creative Public School.

The Creative Public Sr. Sec. School has come a great distance. All of us—teachers, staff, everyone — were so enthusiastic and overwhelmed to start this venture. This institute has been on an amazing and exciting journey together.

When I look out over the campus now, I can’t help but remember that 23 years ago today there was a small unit with 8 staff members and around 80 students here.

But today, 23 years later, the CPS has a great campus with a remarkable infrastructure. Some of the teachers and staff members, who are with CPS since inception will attest, it was surely a rocky start. But the team stayed determined and figured the best possible way to overcome all the challenges. And, the same is taught to the students.

With a resolute objective of making the students of CPS ready for all sorts of future challenges, Creative offers its students the best infrastructure and academics that makes them confident and prepares them to overcome the increasing competition in this globalized society.

The Creative Public School is very proud of its unique and modern approach of educating children, that helps in the overall personality development of its students. In addition to getting the best academic facilities, students at Creative are also exposed to various creative and constructive activities such as sports, team building activities and much more. 

The moment a new student joins the CPS community, it is ensured that they feel a sense of belonging and happiness. Such a compatible and congenial environment enhances the learning and creative capabilities of the students and hence ensures their future success. 

The CPS is blessed with highly experienced and qualified teachers and a dedicated administration staff that helps in achieving the vision of making the future generation a better version.

Team Creative aims for all students to be safe and motivated and to be challenged in a supportive environment. I want to see the students demonstrate resilience and determination to succeed. As a Director, I would make all the possible efforts for developing an aspirational and flagship school community.

Through the well-designed curriculum, the academic standards at CPS continue to improve every year. At CPS, students are made capable of flourishing in an ever-changing and ever-demanding global market by developing all the necessary skills.

I want the students to be physically fit as well and for that the CPS campus is well equipped with all sports facilities including well maintained grounds, courts, all the kits and safety accessories for students from all age groups. I also ensure development of a well equipped music and art academy as well for enriching artistic skills in all the students.

Visitors, parents and stakeholders are always welcome to make an appointment to visit CPS and see what it has to offer.

I look forward to welcoming you and ensuring that every CPS student gets the best standard of education and personal development.

Warm Regards
Dr. Deepak Raj
(M.A (Eng Litt). M.B.A (H.R), M.ed.., Ph.D)
Creative Group of Education

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