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school education rajasthan,


Education is an end-less process of preparation for life. A School plays a pivotal role in this pursuit. Teachers and parents come together & work to guide the children to the portals of excellence.


Our children are not clay to be put in moulds by, they are precious jewels like diamonds which are polished in schools so that they emerge as glittering & glowing solitaires. In Creative, the core aim of education is to foster all round development of child.


All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development.

To fulfil all these objectives, Team Creative has taken and working with machinery spirit through    some unique programmes which surely differentiate Creative from others.


  • For our XI,XII students,(a) Resonance ICCP Program as started for excellent preparation of IIT JEE / NEET exams. (b) Foundation course for Commerce division.
  • Creative Ashram where from class VII onwards students prepare themselves for NTSE / Olympiad / KVPY / IJSO with board preparation it will support for IITJEE & NEET exams in future, through under the guidance of Expert Faculties.
  • Creative Music & Arts Academy is a unique Academy in the vicinity of Gangapur City,to provide a platform to students who want to make their career in the field of dance & music other than academics.
  • Creative Sports Academy Launched with keeping the aim to make our students physically fit & to explore their talent in sports with excellent results by participating and winning in different sports tournaments.


We extremely over-whelmed to see the unstinted and whole hearted commitment of the Creative staff (teaching & nonteaching) towards the holistic development of students as per vision of Founder/Chairman of Creative Educational Group Shri. G.P. Gupta Advocate, that indeed deserves my pat & praise.


We pay our gratitude to all parents / guardians & well-wishers to walk with us pace to pace & keeping faith in us & suggesting us time to time. Let us take the pledge of fulfilling the commitment of providing education to all with the role aim of building a strong, cultured & developed India.


Warm regards
Dr Deepak raj
(M.A (Eng Litt). M.B.A (H.R), M.ed.., Ph.D)
Creative Group of Education