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If you think a child learns different things overnight, you are mistaken. Children learn various things at different stages of their development. The cognitive abilities develop in order and help them interact with the environment. According to noted French psychologist Jean Piaget, children have four stages of development. In the theory published in 1952 regarding the cognitive development in children, he identifies the four stages as:

  • Sensorimotor Stage

It is the stage from the birth of the child until they reach two years. During this stage, your children learn about different things through their senses. They grasp things by manipulating objects.

  • Preoperational Stage

From age two through seven, your child develops memory along with imagination. Your child is now capable of understanding things symbolically.

  • Concrete Operational Stage

It is the stage through the age of seven to eleven. During this stage, children become aware of the feeling of self and others. They also become aware of external events. They break their egocentric shells and try to understand the feelings of others.

  • Formal Operational Stage

Children aged eleven and older go through this stage. This model indicates that children develop long-term and short-term memory between two years and five years. They develop auditory processing skills by five to seven years and develop logical reasoning after five years.

At Creative Public Sr. Sec. School, we try to follow this model by assessing the cognitive abilities of your child to identify their strength and weakness. And, accordingly we determine the most effective teaching approach in order to help students learn and understand the things in a much better way.

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