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School events and celebrations are some of the most anticipated days. Children not only get a huge platform to channelize their creative and intellectual streaks but also bringing in all frolic and fun helps them enjoy every bit of the school. With cultural events playing an important role in a student’s life, it encourages bonding and builds lifelong friendships.

Be it Annual day or other events like Baby Shows, Grandparents’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, it encourages students to build different skills. Students at CPS have displayed impeccable leadership skills from a very young age where they co-ordinate and set up events under supervision. These cultural events and celebrations allow students to learn different values which build a better emotional quotient over a period of time.

 Some of the events conducted at CPS are:

  • Annual Day
  • Creative Utsav
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Children’s Day
  • Sports Day
  • Children’s Fair
  • Parenting Seminar