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If you want your child to develop into a well-rounded person, you need to start the training from birth. Early childhood education is the term used to make a child capable of opting for educational programs along with strategies starting from an early age. According to experts, the period from birth to eight years marks an important time in your child’s life. During this time, your child feels vulnerable. It is also the time they learn to interact with parents, teachers, and their peers. This period also marks the time they start developing interest that stays with them throughout their lives.

At Creative Public School, we understand the importance of this crucial stage in your child’s life. We provide them preschool or childcare programs that will guide children and help them learn through play.

Effective Early Childhood Education Philosophy

We follow the PILES education philosophy developed by Jean Piaget, the famous Swiss psychologist that meets the intellectual, physical, emotional, language, and social needs of children. The constructionist theory gives importance to the hands-on educational experience. We follow it and offer your child a chance to learn by exploring and manipulating objects. They learn to write and how to behave in a structured environment.

Educationists at Creative Public Sr. Sec. School follow the scaffolding method of teaching offering structure and support that aids a child in learning a new concept. The support is removed after a child learns the skills. Using this method, the child builds confidence while they learn. Our educators offer necessary help as required by the child for achieving success.

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